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Lactoferrin liquid

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Our premium lifestyle brand with a focus on maternal and child health

armacura based on colostrum is 100% natural immune protection for the whole family. The immune factors contained in armacura have the ability to prevent colds or acute upper respiratory tract infections.

The armacura liquid concentrate consists solely of the cow’s first milk. This is obtained from controlled herds within the first 24 hours after calving, as the raw material colostrum has the highest concentrations of immune substances and growth factors during this period. Of course, only milk surpluses are used because the health of the newborn calves always has absolute priority.

With a unique concentration of immunoglobulin G, armacura consists of over 400 interactive substances rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural growth factors. An ideal natural mix that is free of any additives.


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bestvital Colobons

Bestvital® Colobons

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Our organic brand for everyone who appreciates the pure power of nature

Out of passion for your health: bestvital®, the primal power of nature for your immune system – in the best organic quality.

Daily stress, poor nutrition and a modern lifestyle weaken our immune system. We are increasingly exposed to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Colds, infections, intestinal dysfunction and neurological diseases are often the result.

bestvital® BIO Colostrum enables everyone to have a naturally balanced and healthy diet at any time and has been doing so for over 20 years. Enriched with numerous vital and purely natural ingredients that are no longer sufficiently present in our daily diet.

Where natural vital substances are missing, the best solution comes from nature itself. bestvital® has therefore always relied on the oldest recipe of all – pure first milk in unique organic quality and uses it to produce 100% natural products for a better quality of life and more energy.

bestvital® products are available in the categories of vital substances, care products and animal supplements.


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LacVital Direktsticks

Colostrum immune direct stick with strawberry flavour

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Our pharmacy-exclusive brand with functional products for a wide range of applications

Colostrum, the valuable ingredient in all LacVital™ products, is nature’s oldest recipe. It is as old as motherhood itself and enriched with an extraordinary concentration of immune factors (antibodies) as well as a unique combination of other important ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and growth factors.

LacVital™ has been producing highly concentrated colostrum pharmacy products for human health since 1997 and is therefore one of the pioneers in the field of modern processing of colostrum products.

In order to continually expand our knowledge in the area of ​​(cow) first milk, we have always been in close contact and exchange with research institutions such as the universities of Cologne and London.

The product portfolio, which has been carefully developed with our expertise over the past 25 years, is now sold exclusively to pharmacies.

Bulk goods

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Standard applications

Colostrum liquid, cold-sterile filtered whey, colostrum powder, freeze-dried, conventional and organic (DE-ÖKO-006) with 6 different IgG levels.

  • IgG 15% (skimmed milk powder)
  • IgG 20% (skimmed milk powder)
  • IgG 25% (skimmed milk powder)
  • IgG 30% (skimmed milk powder)
  • IgG 35% (whey powder)
  • IgG 60% (whey powder)

Other services

Recipe & product development of colostrum-based products in the areas of health and sports

  • Contract processing or manufacturing
  • Implementation of product designs tailored to your individual company CI, from the label to the outer packaging

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