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armacura—our premium lifestyle brand focused on the health of mother and child

armacura is based on colostrum and offers 100 % natural immune protection for the whole family. The immunofactors contained in armacura can prevent common colds and acute infections of the upper respiratory tract.

The liquid concentrate armacura consists solely of bovine colostrum. This is obtained from regulated livestock during the first 24 hours after calving because the colostrum during this period has the highest concentrations of immune substances and growth factors. Needless to say, only excess milk is utilised here because the health of the new-born calf is always the absolute top priority.

With its unique concentration of immunoglobulin G, armacura consists of over 400 interactive substances with plenty of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural growth factors. An ideal natural mix, which is free from any additives.


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bestvital—our organic BIO brand, for those who appreciate the pure power of nature

Dedicated to health: bestvital harnesses the primal power of nature for your immune system—and offers unbeatable BIO quality.

Daily stress, poor nutrition and modern lifestyles weaken our immune system. So we are increasingly exposed to viruses, bacteria and fungi. All too often, the result is coughs and colds, infections, intestinal disorders and neurological disease.

bestvital BIO Colostrum enables anyone to achieve balanced, healthy nutrition at all times, and has a track record going back over 20 years. Fortified with numerous entirely natural and essential ingredients that are no longer available in sufficient quantities in our daily diet.

If natural vital substances are lacking, the best solution is found in nature itself. That’s why bestvital has always relied on the oldest formula of all – pure colostrum with impeccable ORGANIC quality, which is used to produce 100 % natural products for improved quality of life and more energy.

bestvital products are available in the categories vital nutrients, care products and supplementary food for animals.


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LacVital—our exclusive pharmacy brand with functional products for a wide variety of applications

Colostrum, the precious component in all LacVital products, is nature’s oldest recipe. It is as old as motherhood itself and is enriched with an exceptional concentration of immunofactors (antibodies) plus a unique combination of other significant substances, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and growth factors.

Since 1997, LacVital has been producing highly concentrated colostrum products for pharmacies aimed at enhancing human health, which means it is one of the pioneers in the modern creation of commodities using colostrum.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge about (bovine) colostrum, so we have always had close contact and discussions with research institutes such as the universities in Cologne and London.

The product portfolio we have painstakingly developed using our expertise over the last 25 years is now sold exclusively through selected pharmacies.