About Colostrum


There is no other natural product that has as many perfectly balanced and highly concentrated nutrients as colostrum.

Colostrum is one of the oldest and most unique natural nourishments.

It is as old as motherhood itself because colostrum is the first milk that a mammal provides to their newborn within the first 24 to 36 hours after birth. There is no other natural product that has as many perfectly balanced and highly concentrated nutrients as colostrum.

Recent studies have shown that not only different environmental influences and stress have caused an increase in so-called civilization diseases, but that long-term insufficient nourishment increasingly has such an effect as well.

Colostrum is a unique dietary supplement, containing nutrients that are no longer present or only present in small quantities in today’s food.

Colostrum is the dietary supplement for people of any age, offering suitable ingredients for everyone from young to old. It solves existing deficits, increases strength, and stimulates healing processes.

Thus, colostrum increases and maintains our mental and physical capacity and stimulates our health.


Amino acids are essential protein elements for cell metabolism and regeneration. An amino acid deficiency may cause stunted growth, a general weakening of the immune system, etc. An ideal supply of amino acids provides energy for both physical and psychological processes. Therefore, amino acids have a decisive effect on our physical and mental capacity.

Immunoglobulins (=antibodies) are important for preventing and fighting off infections in the human organism. We may assume that cattle produce a great variety of immunoglobulins that also have a passive immunizing effect in humans.

Natural growth factors affect almost all cellular processes in the body. They can accelerate the growth of many cell types while inhibiting the growth of others. Whilst some growth factors protect bodily elements such as the protein coat of muscle cells, others can increase bone and cartilage growth. Another growth factor prevents the growth of harmful cells. The interaction of growth factors results in a perfectly balanced cell metabolism. Furthermore, certain growth factors can have an impact on the immune system, stimulating the body’s own production of immunoglobulins.

Vitamins are a prerequisite for regulated protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. Today, the effects of vitamin deficiencies are widely recognized.

Another ingredient is cytokines, which stimulate the lymph glands and contain highly effective antiviral immune factors. Glycoproteins allow immune and growth factors to pass through the acidic digestive system.

Our bodies use lactoferrin to remove vital iron from bacteria. Since bacteria rely on iron, removing iron has an antibacterial effect. Lactoferrin and transferrin transport iron to the red blood cells and prevent bacteria and viruses from accessing iron. Prolactin activates the secretion of the mammary glands. Lactobacillus Bifidus acidophilus helps digestion and decreases harmful bacteria and fungi in the digestive system.

PRP propel an under-active immune system. Similarly, they help balance out an over-active immune system, for instance in the case of autoimmune diseases.

Furthermore, colostrum contains endorphins, interleukins, interferons, transferrin, biotin, L-carnitine, melatonin, insulin, lysozyme, C3, C4, and orosomucoid, α-1-fetoprotein, α-1-antitrypsin, prolactin, xanthine oxidase and lactoperoxidase.


Clinical studies have shown that growth factors in colostrum can help the body:

Studies have demonstrated the unique capacity of colostrum to stimulate normal cell growth, cell repair, and trauma healing.

Colostrum helps to:

  • Accelerate or regenerate normal growth of aged or damaged muscles, bones, cartilage, collagen, and neurons.
  • Burn fat rather than muscle tissue for energy while fasting or consuming a calorie-reduced diet.
  • Form and maintain lean muscles.
  • Repair essential DNA and RNA.
  • Balance the blood sugar level.
  • Heal burns, surgical wounds, skin lesions, and oral mucositis when used topically.
  • Control infections and pain associated with sensitive teeth and dental treatments.
  • Regulate the blood sugar level and “brain food” that lead to increased attention and concentration.
  • Regulate the hormones and peptidesin the brain that are responsible for a sense of well-being (serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins).

Collecting colostrum

Colostrum suitable for human consumption is gathered from cows from conventional and organic animal husbandry. We are only using surplus raw material. Especially the Colostrum milked within the first 24 hours is of high quality. The specially developed careful manufacturing procedure enables the separation of fat and casein without affecting valuable ingredients. The natural liquid form is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing procedure.

Colostrum is also suitable for people with sensitive stomachs and for diabetics.


lgG, IgA, IgM, IgE
Offer outstanding protection both for treating and preventing viral, bacterial, and mycotic infections. Specific antibodies help in fighting many diseases such as pneumonia, dysentery, candida infections, flu, and numerous other illnesses including multiple sclerosis, neutropenia, myasthenia gravis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), and many others.
Interleukin 1, 6 und 10
Cytokines are messenger substances in the immune system that allow our immune system to communicate. Thereby, they ensure that the necessary immune cells are activated in case of illness. They stimulate the lymph glands and have highly effective antiviral and anti-inflammatory characteristics, especially in arthritic joints and injuries.
Groth factors:
IGF-1+2 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1)TGF-b (Transforming Growth Factor-b)

EGF (Epithelian Growth Factor)

VEGF (Vasoendothelian Growth Factor)

FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor)

GnRH (Gonatropin releasing Growth F.)

TNF (Tumor Necrose Factor)

PDGF (Platelet derived Growth Factor)

Are nearly identical to human growth factors. They stimulate normal cell growth, accelerate regeneration and repair of old or injured muscles, skin (new production of collagen), bone, cartilage, and nerve cells; they stimulate the body to burn fat instead of muscle tissue. They repair DNA and RNA, balance blood sugar levels, and help effectively repair burns and injuries in addition to rejuvenating skin.
Allow immune and growth factors to pass through the acidic stomach environment by hindering disintegration by stomach enzymes (protease).


Research has shown great potential uses for numerous types of cancer and viral illnesses.

Lactoferrin, transferrin

Transport iron to the red blood cells and prevent access to iron by bacteria and viruses. Since viruses require a host cell to multiply, this is effectively prevented.

PRP (Proline-Rich Polypeptides)

Supports and regulates the thymus and has a regulating effect on the immune system. An over-active immune system (autoimmune) is calmed down, while a weakened immune system becomes stimulated.


Xanthin Oxidase

Highly effective antibacterial systems


Binds hemoglobin with trivalent iron


Bacterial inhibitor


Vitamin H, important for skin and hair as well as for cholesterol metabolism and the central nervous system


Lowers blood sugar levels


Activates mammary gland secretion


Transports protein, causes burning of long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondria, important for muscle metabolism, performance-enhancing.


Enzyme. Prevents the telomeres (chromosome ends) from shortening during cell division. Researchers have discovered that this enzyme is missing in patients with progeria. Decreases with increased age. Intensive research is currently taking place to determine how telomerase affects the aging process.


Hormones that counteract depression