About Colostrum

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum, also known as colostrum, is one of the oldest and most unusual foods found in nature. It is as old as motherhood itself, as colostrum is the first milk that a mammal provides for its newborn in the first 24 to 36 hours after birth. No other natural product contains as many perfectly balanced and highly concentrated ingredients as colostrum.

IgG Faktor 40 Siegel

What does the IgG factor mean?

This designation indicates the concentration in which the specific immunoglobulin G is contained in the respective colostrum ingredients.

The factor IgG 40 therefore describes 40 times the amount of immunoglobulins of type G in direct comparison to human first milk.

Everything in it: the ingredients

Amino acids are vital protein building blocks for cell metabolism and cell regeneration. A lack of amino acids can cause, among other things, growth disorders, a general weakening of the immune system, etc. The optimal supply of amino acids ensures the provision of energy in the physical and mental areas and therefore has a decisive influence on physical and mental performance.

Immunoglobulins (=antibodies) are of crucial importance for the human organism in preventing and defending against infections. It can be assumed that cattle produce many different immunoglobulins, which also cause passive immunization in humans.

Natural growth factors influence almost all cell processes in the body. They can accelerate the growth of many cell types and inhibit the growth of other cells. For example, while one growth factor protects the protein coat of the muscle cell, another can accelerate bone or cartilage growth. Another growth factor prevents the growth of harmful cells. The interaction of the individual growth factors results in a perfect balance of cell metabolism. In addition, certain growth factors are able to influence the immune system and stimulate the body’s production of immunoglobulins.

Vitamins are a prerequisite for regulated protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Nowadays, the effects of vitamin deficiency are known to almost everyone.

Cytokines that stimulate the lymph glands and contain highly effective antiviral immune factors. Glycolic proteins allow immune and growth factors to pass through the acidic digestive system.

Lactoferrin is used by the body to deprive bacteria of vital iron. Since bacteria are essentially dependent on iron, iron depletion has an antibacterial effect. Lactoferrin and transferrin transport iron to red blood cells and prevent bacteria and viruses from accessing iron. Prolactin activates mammary gland secretion. Lactobacillus Bifidus Acidophilus aids in digestion and reduces harmful bacteria and fungi in the digestive system.

PRPs trigger an underactive immune system. But they also help to balance an overactive immune system, as is the case with autoimmune diseases.

In addition, colostrum contains endorphins, interleukins, interferons, transferrin, biotin, L-carnitine, melatonin, insulin, lysozyme, C3, C4 and orosomucoid, a-1-fetoprotein, a-1-antitrypsin, prolactin, xanthine oxidase, lactoperoxidase, and proline -rich polypeptides (PRP)


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Obtaining Colostrum

The colostrum intended for human consumption is obtained from cows from conventional and organic animal husbandry. Only excess colostrum is used. The milk from the first 24 hours is particularly high quality.

The specially developed, gentle manufacturing process allows fat and casein to be separated without affecting the valuable ingredients. The natural liquid form is retained throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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