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About Lactoferrin

Our armacura Lactoferrin Serum:

  • The world’s first and only liquid lactoferrin on the market
  • Contains original Lactoferrin CLN® with a purity of over >97%
  • Contains >200 mg lactoferrin per ampoule
  • Has high bioavailability
  • Is lactose and gluten free

What exactly is lactoferrin?

Running text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod Lactoferrin is a basic protein from the transferrin family. The protein takes on many different functions of enzymes and nucleases. The protein, which consists of a polypeptide chain with around 700 amino acids, is particularly found in the organism of mammals.

The substance was originally called lactotransferrin – composed of lacteus (Latin) “milky” and ferrum (Latin) “iron” or transferre “(to) transfer”. Over time, however, the shorter name variant lactoferrin has become established. The name therefore already refers to milk, the iron balance and the transport function

armacura Lactoferrin Ampulle

The biological properties of Lactoferrin at a glance

Iron regulating


Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)



Colostrum Ampulle


Cell proliferative (cell regenerating/building)

Anticarcinogenic (cancer-inhibiting/preventing)

Metabolism regulating

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Lactoferrin is a protein that is found specifically in the first milk of mammals and can support health with many different functions – for example in metabolism, in regulating the immune system or in relation to a healthy intestinal environment. This means that the substance is successfully used both internally and externally for a number of applications.

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