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As we are constantly growing, we are looking for milk producers who can supply us with high-quality colostrum. Based on a concluded delivery contract, our company provides its partner companies with extensive support with collection.

Thats how it works:

All organizationally important information will be communicated in advance by our field staff. We provide all materials and containers. We equip larger companies and collection points with freezers.

Surplus first milking and second milking (the milk from the first 24 hours) of conventional or organic quality are collected. Only inhibitor-free colostrum is processed and paid for. Billing takes place quarterly.

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Product extraction

Important: The colostrum must be frozen immediately after milking and either stored separately

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Collection point

When the freezer is full of around 75%, the collection point will announce a collection. We will then coordinate a collection date with the collection point operator.

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We directly approach dairy farms with over 200 cows. Farms with fewer animals can join forces and form a collection point. The operator of a collection point receives additional compensation for the collection service.

Contact for Suppliers

Sandra Sauter

Phone +49.82 31.98 971-11

Fax +49.82 31. 98 971-99